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      Zhongshan Guzhen Chuangpin Lighting Co., Ltd

      Lipai Lighting Tech (HK) Co., Limited

      Zhongshan Guzhen Chuangpin Lighting Co., Ltd ( Lipai Lighting Tech (HK) Co., Limited ) was established in 2011, which specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing, selling and serving for commercial lighting, home lighting, and office lighting in LED lights. We are one of the earliest to manufacture and sale the LED DIMMABLE LIGHTS in domestic. We not only provide the excellent products for customers, but also make the solution of lighting system for them.    

      Lipai Lighting has been adhering to the “Professional, Integrity and Innovate” for enterprise management and brand marketing idea. We lay emphasis on pursuit of the light and hope that into the technical innovation to provide professional, green, environmental protection, high quality and services, also with the high-tech, high quality and high benefit to constantly creating and moving.    

      We focus on making a breakthrough in lighting application electronic technology, industrial design and structure innovation etc. We launch the leading level products in Lighting Market, especially mainly on LED Dimmable Panel Light, LED Dimmable Ceiling Light, LED Dimmable Down light and solve the energy saving solution for four-star hotel or above. we have gain the peak for exporting in 2015, focusing on North American Market. We have been participated in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition for many times.    

      we are committed to offering reliable and fast OEM and ODM services for customers. We have patent certificate for product appearance, CE, RoHS, cETL ,FCC,energy star certificate for our products. Our products have been exported to Canada, USA, Italy, Australia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia etc. In the future, we will focus on professional, green, environmental protection, high quality in LED DIMMABLE LIGHTS and constantly improve service system to creating new type of modern lighting enterprise.    

      Lipai Lighting regards“honesty” as the first principle, trys to pursue partner relationship with customers, and provide our customers with high quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery and outstanding professional services. Thanks to excellent products and service, Lipai lighting has won high reputation among customers.    

      Lipai Lighting dedicated to quality and achievement in professional lighting and provides excellent quality and service.  We are a strong brand!