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Through thermal analysis systems and derives, analysts and calculation of the overall rise, the device selection、derating design, heat dissipation and radiator parts to provide truly effective choice theory, greatly enhance reliability.

It is aimed at the tendency of the market to be miniaturized, refined and personalized, according to led lighting driving strong technical reserves technologies to meet the high-end market demand ,Excellent reliability, electrical.

On the basis of performance, LIPAI drive power structure will compact, be mini, ultra-thin design, and enhance the value of the products.

LIPAI driver power improves the product line, including small, medium and large led lighting driver power, dimming and intelligent power supply.

Covering domestic lighting industry renowned customers, so we have a comprehensive safety regulations filing process, our current led power supply products have made SAA, CE, C-TICKCB, CCC certification.

LIPAI has a power supply using FAIRCHILD, IT, NXP, ST, ON-BRIGHT and other well-known brand solutions, after inspection, a professional design, strict, and demanding testing process.

According IEC61000-4-5(GB/T17626.5) standard charity, and power supply products have been tested surge test.                        

                       To meet our customers’ high reliability and safety of the using performance requirements, we:                        

                       Open circuit voltage wave 1.2/50MS;
                       Short-circuit current wave: :8/20MS.
                       Open circuit output voltage(peak): 0.5KV ~4KV
                       Short circuit output current(peak): 0.25KA ~2KA
                       Test angles: (0°、±90°、±180°±270°)