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We fully learn advanced-experience from North America to begin implementation of corporate brand strategy, establishing a complete management system, attracting a number of professional R & D engineers, who focusing on LED lighting product development and production. We will effectively expand overseas markets, at that times, we consolidate and develop the marketing network at home effectively. To let our company occupies a part of share on the market.
R&D team consisting of professionals bear LIPAI indoor lighting, LED panel light. LED down-light, LED ceiling light etc. of products design, development and improvement. LIPAI has introduced the forefront products in the LED field and developed new LED lights which suitable for North America and Europe market. Our products have got cETLus, CE, RoHS, FCC and Energy Star approved.
Perfect company management system and process, strong R&D ability and customer oriented organization. Professional appearance design, professional thermal design, professional circuit design, professional intelligent dimming control and professional R&D production process control to ensures the lighting quality. LIPAI is aimed to “ Quality First” to win high praises from customers. So we have more confident to produce high quality products.